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Interview with Blue Phoenix

My recent release, Summer Sky, is the first book in the contemporary rock romance series ‘Blue Phoenix’. This is an interview with two of the band members that I wrote for the 2014 Romance Blogfest hosted by My Crazy Corner and omitted to send  *sigh*. Check out all the posts about talented romance authors over at the blog:


Interview with Dylan Morgan and Jem Jones from the band Blue Phoenix

Dylan Morgan sits in the chair opposite, clearly not wanting to be here. Once over, interviewing Dylan would have led to a mix of nerves and excitement, his reputation back then suggested the possibility of more than an interview for anyone who caught his eye. This Dylan is guarded, and I’ve been instructed not to ask too much about the last few months. Guitarist Jem Jones is with us too, hidden behind dark sunglasses, glass of whiskey in his hand. The tension between the two is thick in the room. Wish me luck…

Me – Thanks for agreeing to the interview. How are things going with the new album? Should we expect more of the same from Blue Phoenix or is this a different direction?

Jem – We’ve had a delay (looks at Dylan) but we’re on track to release around August. Yeah, some more of the same but some new sounds too. We had some guest vocals from Danni-K and a new producer so I don’t think anyone will be disappointed.

Me – So kicking off another tour next month? It’s been over a year since you last toured. Excited?

Dylan – Big tours are tough. We spent three years solid touring and yeah, I don’t enjoy it as much as I did. But necessary evil I guess *laughs*

Jem – I see it as why we’re musicians – to perform and connect with as many fans as we can.

Dylan – Yeah, I get that Jem but we don’t all get the same things out of touring as you do.

Jem – Hope you can make it this time…Not planning any more vacations?

Me – I sense a bit of the famous Dylan and Jem tension around. Having issues around the musical direction of the album?

Jem – We just got issues *laughs* but what fun would we be without them?

Me – So, Dylan. A new look with the short hair. What made you go for an image change? A lot of your fans were shocked!

Dylan – I’ve had long hair since I was sixteen and didn’t recognise myself anymore. I figured a change might help.

Me – We all worried about you last month when you disappeared. Everything okay now?

Dylan – I needed time out.

Jem – According to Twitter you died about ten times in that week *laughs*

Me – And the world still wants to know about the girl who stole your heart while you were away.

Jem – *snorts*

Dylan – Didn’t you get told I’m not talking about my personal life? She’s nothing to do with the band or the music.

Me – We saw you talking about her on Twitter and we’ve seen the pictures. The world wants to know if she’s still in your life?

Dylan stands and walks to the window, back to me and I realise I’ve pushed things too far. But I had to ask, I’d be in trouble if I didn’t! The whole world wants to know who captured the unattainable Dylan Morgan and where she is now.

Me – My apologies, I think the fans just want to know if Dylan Morgan is still on the market. We already lost Liam to Honey.

Jem – I’m still around if you’re looking, sweetheart. For now. I don’t think this Sky chick wants anything to do with him. Why would she once she realises who the real Dylan Morgan is?

Dylan swears at Jem under his breath, glances at me then storms from the room bringing the interview to an abrupt end.

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Feature: Hushed by Britni Hill

Hushed Cover

Genre: New Adult

When Tess meets step-brothers Blake and Jason, their differences and her past push her toward Jason even though she’s instantly drawn to Blake.  Tess quickly learns people aren’t always who they seem to be when her relationship with Jason ends.

A spring break trip pushes Blake and Tess together leaving them unable to deny the way they feel for each other.  While they fall for one another Tess’ history with Jason leads them to try to keep their growing relationship a secret from their friends.  Sneaking around and hiding behind doors adds a certain spark, but they both feel the countdown ticking, leaving them wondering when it will all come out and what will happen.

An angry Jason spills a secret from his and Blake’s past that makes Tess question how real her relationship with Blake was.  Secrets can ruin everything.

Can the truth bring them back together?

About the Author

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RELEASE BLITZ & GIVEAWAY: Summer Sky by Lisa Swallow

Book title: Summer Sky by Lisa Swallow
Series: Blue Phoenix #1
Genre: Contemporary romance
Release date: April 2014
Cover designed by:  Najla Qamber Designs
Hosted by: Forever Me Romance
Sky changed her life for a man once, and she has no intention of doing it again – even if he is a six foot, tattooed rock god who makes a mean bacon sandwich.
Sky Davis is fed up of boyfriend Grant taking her for granted and when she comes home to find him wearing a girl, Sky suspects the relationship is over. She takes an unscheduled holiday and leaves the life (and guy) she hates behind.
Rock star Dylan Morgan is struggling with fame and infamy, sick of his life being controlled by other people. Dylan cuts his hair and walks away from his role as lead singer of Blue Phoenix, leaving chaos and speculation behind.
Outside the English seaside town of Broadbeach their cars and worlds collide.
Sky decides Dylan is an arrogant guy with too many tattoos, and Dylan is amused by the smart-mouthed girl with no idea who he is. Dylan and Sky soon discover they’ve travelled to Broadbeach for the same reason – to escape from reality back to a place with happy childhood memories.
Losing themselves in a world where they know nothing about each other, Sky and Dylan begin a summer romance that soon heats up their rainy English summer.
Fantasies can’t last forever and when reality crashes the party, Sky isn’t sure she wants to be more than his ‘summer Sky’ but Dylan doesn’t want to let her go.
Returning to the real world and public scrutiny isn’t their only problem. Blue Phoenix bass player, Jem Jones, has a reason for wanting Sky out of Dylan’s life, and is determined to come between them. Some things won’t stay hidden, even when they’re paid to ‘go away’.
Summer Sky is a quirky romance where occasionally more than the bacon sizzles. This is the first in the new ‘Blue Phoenix’ series of contemporary rock star romances.
Please note: this is a romance with a rock star hero, and not an erotic rock star book!
“A couple of days ago, I got up and thought ‘fuck this’. So I cut my hair and left.”
Forgetting myself, I reach a hand and touch the short hair above his ear. “You had long
My hand slides across Dylan’s face as he turns to look at me, his cheek smooth above his
stubbled jaw. “For the last eight years, yeah. I’ll show you a picture sometime. You might recognise me then.”
“That’s a long time. It must be weird looking in the mirror and not recognising
“I didn’t recognise myself for a long time even before I cut my hair.” He picks at
his food and looks back to the sea.
Despite avoiding talking about each others lives, things slip in. Like this
explanation for the tightly wound Dylan I met a few days ago.
“Maybe I should cut mine, I can recreate myself too. This is the longest my hair’s been
for a few years.”
Dylan strokes my fringe from my face, fingers trailing across my forehead. The touch ignites nerve-endings across my face. “I’m sure you’ll look great whatever you
decide to do with your hair.”
“Grant said girls with short hair don’t look right.”
“Who’s Grant?”
I clamp a hand over my mouth. Real life things. Secrets. “Just some dickhead who used to be my boyfriend.”
“I wouldn’t think you were the kind of girl to date dickheads.”
I huff. “Yeah, some of them slip through the net and I don’t realise until it’s too
“How can it be too late? You weren’t married, were you?”
I splutter Fanta over my cooling chips. “Hell, no.”
“Then what?”
“Once you fall in love, it’s harder to let go; even with dickheads.”
“But you let go? Is that why you’re here?”
This isn’t fair. He’s poking at what I came to escape from – letting things into our bubble
world. I set the meal onto the sand next to me. “I don’t want to talk about this.”
Dylans scrutiny traces a pattern over my face, leaving a trail of heat. How does he do that?
“Such a shame I’m a dickhead,” he says in a low voice.
“I’m sure you can’t help it. Part of the Y chromosome disability, unfortunately,” I say
Reaching out, he brushes salt from my lips. An embarrassing sound escapes my throat as he rubs the rough fingertip along my lips.
“Remember what I said about your sarcastic mouth?” he asks.
Of course, I remember, how am I going to forget? But all I can do is stare back like some
wide-eyed idiot and nod.
He removes his finger and licks the salt off the tip; the move is impossibly sexy and fires
arousal through me. 
“I know kissing you is the wrong thing to do to you, but I’m starting to get
My brain struggles to keep up. “Wrong?” I ask.
“When you look at me the way you do, I love and hate it at the same time. When you don’t
look at me the way I want you to, that’s even worse. Every funny thing you say, every time you blush, even just being in the same room fills me with an urge to kiss you. I don’t understand, because this isn
t what I want.”
“That makes no sense.”
“It doesn’t, does it? But nothing in my life makes sense to me.” He moves the fish
and chips from his lap onto the sand.
Excruciatingly slowly, Dylan leans towards me. My heart somersaults and cheerleads in my chest as his mouth approaches mine.
“So about kissing your sarcastic mouth…?”
The words are spoken millimetres from my lips and as his mouth moves, his lips touch mine. He’s good at this.
“Yes, you remember, or yes, you’ve changed your mind and want me to kiss you?” Dylan
rubs his cool nose along my cheek towards my ear.

Lisa is an author of new adult romance and writes both paranormal and contemporary, often with a side of snark. In between running a business, looking after her family and writing, Lisa sometimes finds spare time to do other things. This often involves swapping her book worlds for gaming worlds. She even leaves the house occasionally. Lisa loves all things from the Whedonverse and preferred vampires before they sparkled.
Lisa has four books published: the ‘Butterfly Days’ series, and two in her urban fantasy series Soul Ties. She is currently working on a new contemporary romance series Blue Phoenix and the first book, Summer Sky is due for release in April. Lisa is originally from the UK but moved to Australia in 2001 and now lives in Perth in Western Australia with her husband, three children and dog.